Below, you will find video presentations for the lectures given in 2018. You can find the slides from these presentations (and updated slides) on the Lecture Slides tab

  1. EnvData Basics, Gil Bohrer
  1. Tracking Data preparation and descriptive statistcs, John Fieberg
  1. Introduction to Resource Selection Functions, John Fieberg
  1. Annotating availability Data EnvData, Movebank, Sarah Davidson
  1. Introduction to Step Selection Functions, John Fieberg
  1. Resource Selection Functions for many animals

Note: this section was updated/upgraded significantly in 2019 to discuss mixed effect approaches for fitting resource-selection and step-selection functions to multiple animals using the methodology described in this pre-preprint.

In 2019, see:

  1. Getting grids of environmental data, Sarah Davidson
  1. Animating movement using the DYNAMO packate, Sarah Davidson